Friday, September 25, 2009

London so far...

Beautiful weather here, every neighborhood we chance upon there is sun, pubs, and english sausages. Good times. Today we did an instore at Pure Groove, one of the coolest record shops I've been to in a long while. Was planning a big night out tonight having a day off finally, but the hour long ride into Hackney and our lack of rest until tonight barred us from leaving our comfortable abode here. We met a really cool band last night called Bodies of Water and were keen to hang out with them so it's a shame we stayed in. But, Mick has a copy of Samuel Beckett's complete works and I've begun reading a play called Play which is quite good and humanistic in it's portrayal of a man, one girlfriend (i think), and one lover. The guys are watching a movie in the other room, ahhhh. Staying inside was a good decision.
x ann

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  1. Got just five shots up on our Flickr page if you wanna see. We're still working on the rest, so they'll be up soon...

    It was awesome having the chance to spend some time with you.