Sunday, September 6, 2009

Turtle the Tortoise

Just as we were about to step in the van to make the trek back to SF from LA, a woman yells out, "Hey, is this your turtle?" And there was this little guy racing across the street towards us as if we were long lost family. He came really close and just lingered near us so we brought out seven snap peas and a carrot for him. He seemed a little shy at first and then after he realized what was handed to him, he was in hog heaven! He ate everything patiently with such determination and joy! It felt so good to know we were bringing such happiness to little tortoise. He kept eating and eating and when we were out of snap peas, he just wanted to hang out with us in the grass. It was so hard not to take him home but San Francisco is too cold for a little desert tortoise. Hope to see you again little guy.

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