Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Mission

Yesterday, I took a friend of ours that we met at a video shoot, for a tour of the lovely neighborhood we call home: the Mission. It's easy to get used to your surroundings and all the little shops, curiosities, and creature comforts it provides. Walking around with Liza made me realize just how beautiful and magical our neighborhood really is. We have five amazing coffee shops within a few blocks from eachother, two corner stores where the people are really nice and the sandwiches are utter and pure TLC, tons of worthwhile bars, an indie video store, two pizza shops, a frozen yogurt haven, a pirate store, taxidermy shop, and I'm sure I'm forgetting loads more. I can't imagine any other place like this that I would want to call home. Oh, and to top it off, you can buy avocados for 50 cents, and a bag full of fresh fruit and veggies for under 10 bucks. Love!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Winter has crept in again and I wasn't even ready for Fall yet. I've been reading a lot of poetry lately. It helps me see the world differently and changes my creative expression. I've been dancing by myself in my room a lot lately too.

It is when we are near the end of a book that we enjoy it.
Guests who we anxiously expect often fail to come.
So the world runs always contrary to our wishes
How rarely in a hundred years do we open our hearts!

Monday, November 2, 2009

On a heist

For halloween this year, we played the most fantastic party at Bottom of the Hill and dressed as bank robbers on a heist. We threw play money into the crowd and gave out money sugar cookies so I guess we were sort of like the Robinhood of bank robbers. It was one of the best parties we've ever played.