Thursday, October 1, 2009


Last night we played one of our last few shows in a big but little city called Southampton. It's typical that all the cities shut down by 6pm so most of the time when we're finished with soundcheck, we are seeing the city in it's quietest moments. Walking through Southampton was a lot like New York City at night, there was a beautiful park and streets lined with shops. The venue we played was just plain rad. So many bands had played here - Radiohead, The Libertines, British Seapower, Coldplay....there were old fliers dating all the way back to 1996! The first question the venue staff asked us when we arrived was how spicy we wanted our pasta. Really? Cooking for us and asking us about spice factor? Yes please!!! To top it off, sound was spot on, everyone there was friendly , and we even got to hang out after the show was over and have a few drinks while dave geeked out on drums with the sound guy. Pretty much the entire bar was open to us including candies which I indulged in. There is no greater pleasure than this.

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