Monday, September 14, 2009

Longest trip, thanks United

Our day of travel began at 9:30am.

9:30am - picked up by good friend and taken to airport.
10:30am - mean United lady #1 threatened that we wouldn't be able to take our guitars on the plane, thanks mean United lady #1.
12:00pm - board plane and sit for one hour because there is complications with the door
1:00pm - told that plane cannot fly so we have to switch to a different plane, thanks United.
3:00pm- board United plane #2, served prison food and told there will be no movies on the flight, oh thanks so much United.
5:00pm - encounter more mean United stewardess ladies on board the plane, who roll their eyes when we ask for drinks, thanks again.
2am - arrive at London Heathrow.

At least they gave us appreciation vouchers?

1 comment:

  1. You should have yelled, "We're rockstars! We demand our drinks!"

    Flying on a plane is a privilege these days. They might start to charge for the recycled oxygen next year.