Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cambridge, Bristol, and Nottingham

Wow! Our first show in Cambridge came with chocolates, fruits, veggies, and an amazing dinner. Everyone was so nice! Last night, we played in Bristol where there was a guy who'd been to 250 shows last year and just been to a festival and was still at our show front row and center dancing. Kudos to him! The owner of the club gave us homemade Lemoncello (did I spell it correctly?) in exchange for our album. I wish you all could have tried this amazing drink, holy! After the show, we went back to the hotel and ran into a band called Detroit Social Club and had a drink with them in the lobby. Super sweet guys, they taught us what to say when we play in Newcastle, where they are from. Hmmm, but I can't seem to remember it now. Now we are sitting at the Bodega in Nottingham getting ready for show numero three here in the lovely UK. We've been totally spoiled so far, well fed, new friends, and awesome venues. :)

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