Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Day in England, sigh.

What an amazing way to end an amazing two weeks in England. The Dot to Dot Festival was held in Bristol and Nottingham, two beautifully romantic towns a few hours away from London. In Bristol, we played on a boat overlooking the River Seven. The crowd was electric, I broke a string for the first time ever, but didn't really matter much, it was so packed in there I could barely see anyone past the first row. We got meal tickets for these delicious beef pies and free beers, and we met up with our friends in Gran Ronde, nothing more you could ask for really.
In Nottingham, we played in an amazing venue called the Bodega, sound was stellar, and I felt like a strong connection with people so much that I lost myself in William. Ha. We ran into our lovely friends The Pains and Wintersleep and had whippy cones with Mick and Amul after the show. Seriously, what more could you ask for? Can't believe it's already over and tomorrow we head back. Stocking up on Crunchy bars and getting on that flight with fond memories of our first UK tour. xo ann


  1. No Item to bring back from England List ?

  2. 1. Crunchy Bars
    2. Crunchy Bars
    3. Crunchy Bars
    4. Jaffa Cakes
    5. Crunchy Bars