Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From Twickenham- part two

We met up with our sweet, sweet labelmates after the gig and drove back to Twickenham for our intimate little afterparty. Two frozen pizzas, five jack daniels, and one toffee bar later, we were watching a screaming cat on youtube in one corner and singing along to Martin and Pat's rendition of the Rat by the Walkmen in another. Can you imagine this, wish I had video footage of it.

The photoshoot was quite fun, it's always a new adventure, the Regent Park feels very royal maybe 'cause it's owned by the Queen but there was definitely a prim and proper air to the grounds. We also took some shots in a cute 50s esque laundromat, bright yellow washers and nice typeface.

The turnout at Club 229 was cozy but we had a fan train in from Scotland for the show who was also at our Vivian Girls show which made me feel pretty greatful. All the other bands were super nice but, holy, was the venue loud, my eardrums are sore from this.

Ready for sleep.

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