Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day One

Day One in London - We safely landed and took a power nap before heading over to the venue, an old 50s charm british pub. The brits know their pubs, apple cider was amazing and they even had cupcakes there. Amusement Parks On Fire were fantastic, nice guys and great music. Our new gear worked so well that I am personally tempted to switch permanently to an AC-15. Got the ol' bruise on my hand from the tambourine again, sweaty and cozy stage. It was a really fun show, jet lag wasn't even a factor, it hasn't hit yet in fact, still up at 2a.m. having some whiskey and talking about music.
Prices are surprisingly not as high for food as I thought. An egg sandwhich at Marks & Spencer was only 1 pound which is about $1.50. Had our first taste of marmite, half the band liked it, half band were open minded about it. We all agreed it would make for a great condiment along with some other delicious condiments. Mick's house is beautiful, picture perfect, along the river, I would like to set up a couple of beach blankets and bring tea and a good book and spend an afternoon on his lawn.
Day one was pretty lovely here.

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