Saturday, June 13, 2009


I just finished reading this book, Blink, and normally I'm not much for non-fiction. I love the drama of good fiction I guess you could say. Blink isn't typically a book I would pick up to read, but my sister gave it to me and I had a few days free so why not? Blink is a book about the quick decisions and judgements we make, good or bad, within the "blink" of an eye based on our own rapid cognition. Like when you go on a date for the first time with someone and you just don't like them after literally a minute of being in their presence. If you were to analyze before making this quick judgement you might sway yourself into liking the other party. But your quick judgement is often better than you think. You pick up on certain "key" things, thin slicing, they call it..that allows you to determine your compatibility so quickly. Obviously, I'm not doing justice to the complexities of the psychology behind this. The book was great because it gave sooo many examples of places where snap decisions are made and some of the analysis that happens both consciously and subconsciously, even in the foods you eat and the people you choose to make your leaders. You should read it, you'll learn something I promise. I think Macolm Gladwell should next write a book on the psycholgy behind second guessing.

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