Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our album is officially available in special record shops!

If you live in the UK and even more specifically in any of the cities below, you can purchase our album- the old fashioned way - at the record shop!!! I highly recommend this, 'cause there's no better satisfaction then going into a store and getting something to listen to immediately! :)

Digital Waves, Slough
Sister Ray, London
Crash, Leeds
Powerplay, Hereford
Spillers, Cardiff
Resident, Brighton
Rounder, Brighton
Rise, Bristol
Bluebird, London
Cramer, London
Rough Trade, London
Juno, London
Rapture, Oxford
E Head, Leamington Spa
Rise, Cheltenham
Fives, leigh on Sea
Norman Records, Leeds
One Up, Aberdeen
Picadilly, Manchester
Quirks, Wigan

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  1. One-word Song Reviews of Tear Ourselves Away by LoveLikeFire:

    William - Evocative
    From a Tower - Smoothed
    Crow's Feet - Angry
    Signs - Driving
    I've Pissed Off My Friends - Juxtaposed
    Good Judgment - EPIC
    Boredom - Anthem
    My Left Eye - Intimate
    Far From Home - Urgent
    Stand In Your Shoes - Direct
    Everything Must Settle – Timeless

    Tear Ourselves Away - Addicting